Our Team

Learn more about the people behind Perspective. Here, you’ll meet the people who bring our mission to life, combining their deep knowledge with genuine care to guide you through your financial journey. Each team member brings a unique perspective, ensuring we offer a personalised, comprehensive approach to help you.



Esther Althaus established Perspective Financial Services Pty Ltd in 2003 when she recognised that by helping other people achieve their goals she could achieve her own. 

Esther has become an award-winning financial adviser who is actively involved in the financial advice community through various committee roles and directorships with the Association of Financial Advisers. In particular, she is passionate about working with women in situations where they have separated/divorced, become widowed or inherited funds and have had little previous insight into wealth management.

More recently, Esther is working with families in planning a smooth and healthy transition of wealth to the next generation. She finds it particularly rewarding to see families undertake this process and retain respectful relationships between family members whilst the needs of all concerned are met in a timely, appropriate and dignified manner.

As a business owner, financial adviser and collaborative professional Esther has become known within the Family Law community as a financial adviser with a strong insight into the financial sensitivities of divorcing couples. She is often sought by various community organisations to present on a number of different topics including her inspirational career journey, workshops on financial literacy, financial empowerment for women and her insights into life, in general.

Esther’s willingness to share her experiences, together with her no-nonsense and humorous manner, leaves her audience or those she works with inspired to take the next steps they need to in their lives.




Before Kathryn started work at Perspective Financial Services as Senior Client Officer, she worked at AIG in travel insurance. Kathryn is an integral part of the team with a focus on many of the technical financial aspects of client business. This includes implementing and monitoring client strategies, and Kathryn is often the first point of contact for client queries.

She enjoys her work at Perspective as she gets to make a difference in people’s lives. Her favourite thing about working here is developing relationships with new clients and providing excellent ongoing service to existing clients.

When Kathryn is not working she enjoys being involved with Basketball, you’ll often find her scoring a game or two on the weekend.




Chana’s marketing background and innovative ideas are shaping the way we connect with our clients. Chana brings a fresh perspective to our team, blending creativity with a deep passion for engaging with clients. Her strategies are not just about promoting services; they are about creating meaningful connections and understanding the unique needs and aspirations of each client. With Chana’s enthusiastic approach and dedication to client satisfaction, she’s not only driving our marketing efforts forward but also ensuring that every interaction with Perspective is memorable and impactful.

Chana loves camping and getting outdoors, when she’s not listening to a podcast at the office, she’s getting lost off the beaten track.

We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.